Editorial: No Victory in Sri Lanka

[New York Times] Even after declaring victory in Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war, the country’s leaders seem unable to distinguish between the enemy — the brutal but apparently vanquished Tamil Tiger separatists — and innocent bystanders. Despite appeals from Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations secretary general, and from others, the government has not given international […]

Sri Lanka Presses Assault as Civilians Flee Fighting

[ New York Times ] The United States accused Sri Lanka on Wednesday of causing “untold suffering” among civilians in its push to win a 25-year-old conflict with Tamil separatists. People continued to pour out of the war zone, and the government announced the surrender of two prominent rebels.“I think that the Sri Lankan government […]

Is the World Ignoring Sri Lanka’s Srebrenica?

[ New York Times ] Sri Lankan government has “rebuffed international appeals to protect civilians trapped in a war zone in its northeast.” Now some visual evidence of the damage that fighting has caused is coming to light. This bloody war, now possibly in its last throes, has been taking place largely out of sight […]