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Justice and Self-Determination for the Tamil People

We bring together research, advocacy, and activism to promote and protect the human rights of Tamil people in the North-East of Sri Lanka.

What We Do

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PEARL's advocacy includes consistent and thorough engagement with the international community. This includes the United Nations in New York and Geneva, U.S., Canada, European Union, and other governments.

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PEARL's research and analysis is focused on issues affecting the Tamil community in the North-East of Sri Lanka. We have conducted extensive field research on issues such as accountability, militarization, impunity, memorialization and transitional justice.

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Knowledge Mobilization

We mobilize communities across the globe to fight injustice and raise awareness about the situation in Sri Lanka.

Get Involved

Volunteers have been at the core of PEARL's work since our inception in 2005. PEARL is operated by a broad community volunteers, and a few staff. Our volunteers have contributed to all levels of our work, including our highest leadership bodies. 

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Support Our Work

Your support allows PEARL to continue its urgent advocacy for Tamil rights and its work to achieve justice for the thousands of Tamils who lost their loved ones, homes and livelihoods in Sri Lanka's genocide. Your contribution reminds all of us that they are not forgotten.

Stay Informed

Recieve weekly newsletters, press releases, and other updates from our PEARL team. You will also recieve weekly updates with the latest on the human rights situation for Tamil people in the North-East of Sri Lanka.