This report outlines the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL)'s historical and contemporary Sinhalization process in the North-East of Sri Lanka, through the use of state-sponsored land appropriation, settlement and irrigation schemes; "Buddhisization;" and the repression of memorialization of important Tamil events. Coupled with the systematic oppression of the Tamil people and minority groups, such as the Muslim community, and the complete lack of accountability for past and ongoing crimes, the report shows that the root causes of conflict remain unaddressed well after the end of the armed conflict in 2009.

Mapping Militarization of Tamil Lands in the North-East (PEARL 2021, Subendran 2021). This map only highlights major camps, and there are many smaller military outposts in the North-East.
Mapping Sites of Remembrance (Thuyilam Illam) and State-Sponsored War Monuments/Memorials (PEARL 2021, Subendran 2021)
Mapping Repression and Resistance on Tamil Remembrance & Counter-Practices by Tamil people (PEARL 2021, Subendran 2021).

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