Sri Lanka: Views from the conflict


The Sri Lankan military has secured a string of military successes over the LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] in recent months. As the army announces it has seized full control of the Jaffna peninsula in the north, people across the country give their views and experiences of the latest phase in the conflict.

Trincomalee – Anonymous Tamil Man, Office Worker, 50s:

This is the time for the government to come with a proposal. A lot of people are suffering. But we can’t believe the government. They say they are fighting for the liberation of the Tamil people.

After the LTTE are destroyed, we don’t know how the government will really act. Most Tamil people want a settlement to this ethnic problem.

The government are celebrating in a big way. They have captured the same land they have had before. But it’s as if they have captured a different country. They are killing people of the same nationality. We are all Sri Lankan. Because of the way they are celebrating here, I don’t think most Tamils are comfortable.

What we want is peace. And after the assassination of the editor, [Lasantha Wickramatunga] everybody is scared to talk. Even this phone may be tapped.

In Sri Lanka it is now difficult to express alternative views and to do anything against the government. I keep my political views to myself.”

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