Volunteers have been at the core of PEARL’s work since our inception in 2005. PEARL is operated by a broad community volunteers, and a few staff. Our volunteers have contributed to all levels of our work, including our highest leadership bodies. Volunteers have had the opportunity to engage in advocacy work with national governments and intergovernmental organizations, contributed to research, planned conferences, presented at panels on our behalf, supported our operations and governance, and so much more. At PEARL, we aim to empower individuals to engage in critical human rights work at their fullest capacity. If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out the form below.

NEW OPPORTUNITY: Accountability Campaign Steering Committee 

PEARL will be launching a year-long campaign calling for accountability and justice for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka around the 10th anniversary of the conclusion of the armed conflict. This committee will provide the strategic direction for the campaign, identifying a clearer purpose, methodology, and desired impact. The committee will identify a mandate for the campaign and the key deliverables for which it will report on. Further, the committee will be in charge of coordinating key logistical aspects of the campaign such as event planning, communications, and logistics. The deadline to apply is December 28th, 2018. Please click the link below for more information. 

People for Equality and Relief in Lanka

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