UN effort to get safe passage for Sri Lankan children

[ The Independent ] A senior UN official has met leaders of the Sri Lankan government amid reports that food supplies for civilians trapped in the northern war zone are running short and that up to 4,500 people may have been killed in the past three months. As photographs emerged from the so-called “no-fire zone” […]

Sri Lanka: The war the world forgot

[The Independent] All but hidden from view of the outside world, a bitter and savage war being waged in the north of Sri Lanka is creating a humanitarian crisis in which hundreds of thousands of civilians are at risk. In what may be the final chapters of one of the world’s longest-running civil wars, Sri […]

Massacre in the Sri Lanka ‘safe zone’

[ The Independent ] Dozens of civilians in Sri Lanka are feared dead or wounded after a so-called “safe zone” set aside for refugees came under artillery fire. It is believed that 250,000 people have become caught up in the end-game of the island’s bitter civil war as the military continues to drive the Tamil […]