Sri Lanka: Attacks Highlight Threat to Media

[HRW] The killing of a prominent newspaper editor today and the bombing of a private television station on January 6, 2009, highlight the Sri Lankan government’s failure to stop violence against the media, Human Rights Watch and the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) said. The groups said that past investigations into attacks on journalists have […]

Manjula Selvarajah: The real story on Sri Lanka

[National Post] I heard a funny quote on the radio today by a journalist about “shiny ball” stories. These are stories that she and her colleagues love running after, seem exciting and give great sound bites, but divert your attention from more pressing matters. And lo and behold, on Monday morning, leafing through the National […]

US renews call for peaceful dialogue in Sri Lanka

[ AFP ] The US State Department on Friday urged the Sri Lankan and Tamil Tigers to start negotiating over the “legitimate” demands of the Tamils after Colombo announced a key win over the rebels. “The Sri Lankan government now seems to have made a gain through a military gain,” Gordon Duguid, a State Department […]

Sri Lanka: Allow Aid Groups to Help Cyclone Victims

[ HRW ] The Sri Lankan government should immediately lift its September order barring humanitarian agencies from the Vanni conflict area in northern Sri Lanka so they can assist thousands of persons displaced by flooding from Cyclone Nisha. Experienced and impartial humanitarian agencies have offered to respond to the crisis, but face government obstruction. Only […]