Tragedy in a tear-shaped country

[Toronto Star] Sri Lanka is the island republic off the coast of southern India. On a map it looks like a teardrop in the Indian Ocean. As well it should. Lord Durham once referred to Canada as “two nations warring in the bosom of a single state.” Tragically, those words resonate deeply as we learn […]

UN staff and hospital under fire in Sri Lanka

[IHT] A glimpse of the hellish fate of civilians stuck in the epicenter of Sri Lanka’s war emerged this week, as the United Nations confirmed that staff members and their families had come under heavy shelling in what the government told them was a no-fire zone, and a government health official, also behind the front […]

Nearly 800 flee Sri Lanka’s war zone – military

[Reuters] Nearly 800 civilians have fled Sri Lanka’s shrinking war zone in the last day as the army bears down on the last strongholds of separatist Tamil Tigers, the military said on Wednesday. Troops are marching to the port of Mullaittivu across a small wedge of northeastern Sri Lanka still held by the Tigers, where […]