UN effort to get safe passage for Sri Lankan children

[ The Independent ] A senior UN official has met leaders of the Sri Lankan government amid reports that food supplies for civilians trapped in the northern war zone are running short and that up to 4,500 people may have been killed in the past three months. As photographs emerged from the so-called “no-fire zone” […]

Sri Lankan Civilians Need Protection

[ VoA ] The United Nations estimates that trapped with the rebels are over 100,000 civilians who are taking refuge in the no-fire zone. According to the U.N., the no-fire area is being shelled by the Sri Lankan military, and the rebels are firing back. Human Rights Watch, a New York-based non-governmental human rights advocacy […]

38 civilians killed in Sri Lankan war

[CBC News] At least 38 civilians have been killed and 140 others wounded in government artillery attacks and air raids on a tiny rebel-controlled territory in Sri Lanka, a health official says. The attack was carried out in an area that included a government designated “no-fire zone,” said Dr. Thurairaja Varatharaja, who works in the […]

UN staff and hospital under fire in Sri Lanka

[IHT] A glimpse of the hellish fate of civilians stuck in the epicenter of Sri Lanka’s war emerged this week, as the United Nations confirmed that staff members and their families had come under heavy shelling in what the government told them was a no-fire zone, and a government health official, also behind the front […]