SRI LANKA: Govt Ignores Supreme Court

[IPS] Far from heeding charges of human rights abuses and stifling dissent, the government has, this week, added blatant disregard for judicial fiat to its list of sins. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court (SC) terminated proceedings in a controversial oil hedging case, saying the government was no longer implementing court orders on the issue. Sources […]

Journos Vow to Carry on Slain Editor’s Legacy

[IPS] In Sri Lanka, strict compliance with international humanitarian law was all the more critical with the intensification of fighting in the Vanni region and reports of intermittent artillery fire in civilian populated areas in recent weeks. He said the scale of humanitarian needs was difficult to gauge, given restricted humanitarian access due to the […]

‘Culture Of Violence Getting Ingrained in Society’

[IPS] One of the worst legacies of the decades-old civil war in this island country is the culture of violence and impunity that many fear has become ingrained in Sri Lankan society — once known for ‘serendipity’ and respect for Buddhist virtues. While some believe that the country is currently going through yet another periodic […]

‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’

[IPS] The eight rows of pews at St. Fatima’s church in Colombo were mostly empty despite the festive look from Christmas decorations. Beside the altar a young man with a receding hairline was setting up a slideshow on the plight of the tens of thousands displaced in war-torn northern Sri Lanka, run to the accompaniment […]