Thousands protest Tamil ‘genocide’

[Toronto Star] Sharannya Mohan looked back and forth on Front St. As far as she could see, Tamils stood shoulder to shoulder denouncing what they call genocide in Sri Lanka. “We can’t all be terrorists,” the 21-year-old York University student said with a twisted smile. Thousands of Tamils from across greater Toronto, a crowd estimated […]

Tamils protest ‘genocide’

[ Toronto Star ] Thousands of Tamils from across Greater Toronto formed a human chain stretching along Front Street and up University Avenue this afternoon to protest against what they call the genocide of the Tamil people in their homeland, Sri Lanka.About 45,000 people took part in the protest throughout the day, according to Staff […]

Sri Lanka: When the Whole World Isn’t Watching

[AlertNet] One of the harsh realities of the humanitarian field is that some crises capture public attention, while others do not. The patterns are rather rigid. Crises in Europe and the Middle East, especially Palestine, make headlines. Large-scale natural disasters, even in obscure places, attract interest due to the inherent human fascination with immense forces […]

Fears grow for Sri Lanka Civilians

[Al Jazeera] Aid organisations say a major humanitarian crisis is unfolding in northern Sri Lanka where government forces are engaged in fierce fighting with Tamil Tiger rebels. Around 350,000 Tamil civilians are crammed into the area where fighting is taking place, forcing them to endure heavy bombardments and acute food shortages. Foreign journalists are prevented […]

33 countries face possible genocide, says report

[Canwest News Service] Genocide and other mass atrocities are underway or risk breaking out in at least 33 countries, says a new comprehensive watch list slated for release Tuesday – the 60th anniversary of the United Nations prevention of genocide convention. “Red alert” countries include Afghanistan and Iraq alongside commonly known regions currently experiencing genocidal […]