As War Rages, Sri Lanka Braces for Flood of Refugees

[Voice of America] Tens of thousands of people fleeing the Sri Lanka’s civil war are taking refuge in government-run relief camps in the north. Many more are expected in the weeks ahead as the country’s 25-year war appears to be grinding to an end. That is creating a difficult humanitarian situation. Sri Lanka’s government has […]

Sri Lankan official warns diplomats, CNN, BBC

[AP] Sri Lanka warned Western diplomats, foreign journalists and aid groups Sunday that they would be “chased” out of the country if they appear to favor the Tamil Tiger rebels. Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa singled out the ambassadors of Switzerland and Germany, and television networks CNN, BBC and Al-Jazeera in his criticism of foreigners, accusing […]

A tale of two distant war zones

[Toronto Star] Hundreds of thousands of trapped refugees are cowering under the assault of fighter jets and mortars, with uncounted casualties and warnings of “genocidal” atrocities from human rights activists. Ignoring the pact cobbled together long ago by Norwegian negotiators, the government is using its lopsided military advantage to pummel enemy fighters who shelter in […]