U.N. official: Sri Lanka ceasefire ‘inadequate’

[ CNN ] The United Nations humanitarian chief Wednesday criticized a two-day pause in the fighting between the Sri Lankan army and Tamil Tiger rebels as “inadequate.” John Holmes, the under secretary general for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief coordinator, told reporters that the 48-hour break in hostilities was not sufficient, even as fighting resumed […]

Tamils protest outside UK parliament

[CNN] Several hundred Sri Lankan Tamil protesters shouted slogans at the British Parliament for a second day Tuesday, urging it to act to end the “genocide” against their people in Sri Lanka. “Stop the genocide!” they shouted. “Stop the war!” They waved the red flag of Tamil Eelam, the Tamils’ traditional homeland in northern and […]

Sri Lankan hospital closes after being shelled

[CNN] A hospital caught in the middle of fierce fighting between government forces and Tamil rebels in northern Sri Lanka has been closed down after being shelled for a ninth time in four days. A U.N. official says the facility, the last functioning hospital in the area, was fully evacuated Wednesday morning in the midst […]

Aid groups: Sri Lanka situation ‘nightmarish’

[CNN] International humanitarian aid agencies called Monday for increased access to the “nightmarish situation” in northern Sri Lanka, where government forces and Tamil rebels are locked in battle. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are thought to be trapped by the fighting. The plea came as artillery shells slammed into a hospital in the northern district […]

Analysis: Sri Lanka’s media faces growing pressure

[CNN] Journalists in Sri Lanka have come under a growing number of attacks and intimidation, with some fleeing the country or losing their lives, media analysts and rights groups say. On January 8, a prominent journalist who had been critical of the government was shot and killed by unknown assailants on the outskirts of Colombo. […]