S Lanka rebels ‘in fierce fight’

[ BBC ] Sri Lanka says there have been heavy clashes between its forces and the Tamil Tigers in a battle to take the key rebel stronghold of Kilinochchi. The defence ministry says the latest fighting began before dawn, with the Tamil Tigers launching a counter-attack on troops. But the military says it drove them […]

Lanka government accuses Amnesty

[ BBC ] The Sri Lankan government says an Amnesty International report on displaced people in the north of the island contains “outright falsehood”. It says Amnesty is trying to show the government in an unfavourable light. Amnesty’s report urged the government and Tamil Tiger rebels to let international observers monitor the plight of the […]

Amnesty in urgent Sri Lanka plea

[ BBC ] Amnesty International has appealed to Sri Lanka’s government to allow aid to reach more than 300,000 people displaced by fighting in the north. The human rights group urged both the government and Tamil Tiger rebels to allow international monitors into the northern Wanni region. There has been intense fighting in the area […]

‘Drop’ in S Lanka press freedom

[ BBC ] International media watchdog groups say there has been a marked deterioration in press freedom in Sri Lanka. They say that the country has become the first in the world to use anti-terror legislation to punish reporters. The groups – at the conclusion of a visit to Sri Lanka – say journalists have […]

More Tamils ‘abducted by police’

[BBC] Police in Sri Lanka are abducting Tamils in Colombo “like dogs”, a leading human rights campaigner says. Convener of the civil monitoring committee (CMC) and leader of the Western People’s Front (WPF) said: “since 12th February seven people were kidnapped by white van in Colombo”. According to Mano Ganeshan, MP, the number of abductions […]