US Foreign Policy and Sri Lanka

[Journal of Foreign Relations] After three decades of war, Sri Lanka is still a mess. President Mahinda Rajapaksa could not care less about national reconciliation. Here is a president who did not hesitate to assert his authority at the end of the war. Yet now, he is afraid to be a strong and thoughtful leader, […]

Tamil Americans to hold rally in Washington

[The Hindu] Tamils in the US will hold a demonstration in front of the State Department and the White House here on Friday protesting against the “genocide” against their community in Sri Lanka. ‘Tamils Against Genocide’, a pro-Tamils organisation, will organise a rally and hunger strike to urge US President Mr Barack Obama to bring […]

Obama pressed over human rights

[BBC] A leading advocacy group called today for US President-elect Barack Obama to put human rights at the centre of US foreign, domestic and security policy. The US-based Human Rights Watch called on Mr Obama to undo “the enormous damage” of the Bush administration. The group’s annual report criticises Israel and Hamas for what it […]