PEARL’s New Report Launched: ‘Delayed or Denied? Sri Lanka’s Failing Transitional Justice Process’

Washington, DC; May 14, 2018 PEARL’s new report, “Delayed or Denied? Sri Lanka’s Failing Transitional Justice Process” documents Sri Lanka’s failure to fulfill its transitional justice commitments and the complacency with which its intransigence has been received by members of the international community. Sri Lankan officials have publicly repudiated their promises on at least 30 […]

Vetting of Sri Lanka’s Special Task Force for UN Peacekeeping

(May 1, 2018)  Joint Diaspora letter to Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under Secretary General for UN Peacekeeping Operations   We write yet again about the issue of vetting and screening of Sri Lanka peacekeepers. We would like to draw your attention to the deployment of members of Sri Lanka’s Special Task Force for peacekeeping. These are paramilitary […]

Remembering the Kumarapuram massacre

(Washington, DC; February 11, 2018)   22 years ago today, in a small Tamil village in the North-East of Sri Lanka, a group of soldiers murdered 26 people, left 24 others injured, and gang-raped a 15-year-old girl. Twenty years after the Kumarapuram massacre, on July 27, 2016, an all-Sinhalese jury at the Anuradhapura High Court […]

Tamil Diaspora Organizations Redouble Efforts to Prosecute War Criminals & Work for Lasting Peace in Sri Lanka

(Canberra-London-Washington, January 01 2018 ) On this New Year’s Day 2018, the undersigned Tamil diaspora organizations resolve to expedite justice and expand relief for the survivors of Sri Lanka’s genocide against Tamils. We appeal to the International Community, particularly the Western and regional powers with influence and involvement in Sri Lanka, to ensure justice and lasting […]