Obstructing Remembrance Precludes Justice, Reconciliation

As Tamils around the world gather to remember those who died in the last phase of the armed conflict, repudiations of accountability hinder prospects for enduring peace and stability.   (Washington, DC; May 18, 2016) Today, PEARL joins Tamils in the homeland and across the diaspora in mourning those who died seven years ago during […]

Press Release: “Withering Hopes” – New Report Raises Concerns Sri Lanka’s Window for Sustainable Peace is Closing

(Washington, DC; April 20, 2016) A new report by People for Equality and Relief in Lanka (PEARL) provides details of ongoing militarization and harassment amongst the Tamil population of the North-East of Sri Lanka, over one year after the change in presidency and seven months after the election of the United National Party-led national government. […]