On Anniversary of Black July, International Community Should Recognize Sri Lanka’s Successive Genocides Against Tamil

Photograph: Tamil Guardian   (Washington, D.C.; July 23, 2018) – On the 35th anniversary of the start of “Black July” 1983, PEARL remembers the Tamil victims, survivors, and generations affected by all of Sri Lanka’s atrocities against the Tamil people. Thirty-five years ago this week, the government of Sri Lanka sponsored a brutal anti-Tamil pogrom, […]

Remembrance, Resistance and Resilience

(Washington, DC; May 18, 2018) Today Eelam Tamils gather in the Tamil homeland and around the globe to commemorate Tamil Genocide Day, remembering not only the tens of thousands killed in the final phase of the armed conflict, but also those lost throughout the struggle against oppression. Despite constant surveillance and intimidation by security forces, […]

PEARL’s New Report Launched: ‘Delayed or Denied? Sri Lanka’s Failing Transitional Justice Process’

Washington, DC; May 14, 2018 PEARL’s new report, “Delayed or Denied? Sri Lanka’s Failing Transitional Justice Process” documents Sri Lanka’s failure to fulfill its transitional justice commitments and the complacency with which its intransigence has been received by members of the international community. Sri Lankan officials have publicly repudiated their promises on at least 30 […]