Sinhaliztion of the North East: Kankesanthurai (KKS)

Sinhalization of the North-East: Kankesanthurai (KKS)Kankesanthurai (KKS) is a historic port suburb located in the Northern Province of the island of Sri Lanka. Formerly known as Gayathurai, the region is encompassed by a natural harbour, famous for ancient sites, such as the Keerimalai Springs, the Kankesanthurai Fort, and two prominent Tamil Hindu places of worship: […]

Sinhalization of the North-East: Verugal

Sinhalization of the North-East: Seruwila-Verugal The Trincomalee District has been subject to the government’s colonization efforts dating back to independence from British rule in 1948. The district’s geography gives it added significance, as the link to the northern part of the traditional Tamil homeland, and its natural and strategic resources, including its natural deep-sea harbour.1 […]

Sinhalization of the North-East: Kokkilai

Sinhalization of the North-East: KokkilaiThe south-east of the Mullaithivu District has been a target for state-sponsored Sinhala settlements for decades. As with Pulmoaddai, the Kokkilai region of Mullaithivu lies on the strategically important border between the traditional Tamil homeland’s northern and eastern regions, and as such has been targeted for state-sponsored Sinhala settlements. Much of […]

Remembering India’s crimes against Tamils: The Valvettithurai Massacre

Remembering India’s crimes against Tamils: The Valvettithurai MassacreThe information on this page was largely compiled from information put together by Nadarajah Anantharajah, the then-secretary of the Citizen Committee Valvettithurai and a survivor of the IPKF massacre. He was detained for two days and severely beaten by the IPKF. His meticulous documentation, including written affidavits by […]