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Sri Lanka rejects UN truce appeal

[BBC] Sri Lanka has rejected a fresh appeal by the UN to give civilians more time to leave a safe zone in the north-east, the defence secretary says. Only a few hundred civilians used the two-day unilateral government truce with Tamil Tiger rebels to escape. Between 50,000 and 100,000 civilians are still thought to be […]

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Sri Lankans in ‘Safe Zone’ Still Under Fire

[OneWorld.net] In a designated safe zone in northern Sri Lanka, weekend fighting has put civilians back in the war zone. A new “safe zone” has provided some respite for tens of thousands of local residents, reports the United Nations, but that area also experienced some fighting in the past several days. “The Sri Lankan government […]

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38 civilians killed in Sri Lankan war

[CBC News] At least 38 civilians have been killed and 140 others wounded in government artillery attacks and air raids on a tiny rebel-controlled territory in Sri Lanka, a health official says. The attack was carried out in an area that included a government designated “no-fire zone,” said Dr. Thurairaja Varatharaja, who works in the […]

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UN: staff came under fire in Sri Lanka ‘safe zone’

[ AP ] Dozens of U.N. workers and their relatives spent a terrifying night huddling in hastily built bunkers as artillery fire pounded a civilian “safe zone” in Sri Lanka’s war-wracked north, according to an internal U.N. memo. The memo, obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press, said the artillery shells killed nine civilians in a […]

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Massacre in the Sri Lanka ‘safe zone’

[ The Independent ] Dozens of civilians in Sri Lanka are feared dead or wounded after a so-called “safe zone” set aside for refugees came under artillery fire. It is believed that 250,000 people have become caught up in the end-game of the island’s bitter civil war as the military continues to drive the Tamil […]

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U.N. demands safety for Sri Lankan civilians

[CNN] Mounting violence between rebel fighters and government troops along northern Sri Lanka has prompted U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to call for the safety of civilians as humanitarian groups try to provide aid to some 250,000 people trapped in the region. “The secretary-general is deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of civilians caught in […]

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‘Civilians die’ in S Lanka battle

[BBC] The UN in Sri Lanka says dozens of civilians have been killed or injured in fighting between troops and rebels in the north-east in the past few days. Senior UN spokesman Gordon Weiss told the BBC shells exploded very close to civilian areas in Mullaitivu district. Mr Weiss said: “The shells landed on the […]

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Sri Lankan troops shell “safe zone” for civilians

[AP] The Sri Lankan military shelled a village and a makeshift hospital inside a government-declared “safe zone” for civilians in the north Thursday, killing at least 30 people and wounding scores, local health officials said. The military denied hitting the hospital and said it was taking precautions to protect civilians. Health officials said that at […]

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Civilians ‘trapped’ in Tiger battle

[Al Jazeera] At least 67 civilians have been killed as Sri Lankan government troops push further into rebel Tamil Tiger territory, according to local health workers. Doctors claim around 30 people were killed on Thursday alone, after soldiers shelled a village and makeshift hospital in a government-declared “safe zone” on the edge of rebel-held territory […]

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