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Sri Lanka under fire over PR firm Bell Pottinger speech

[BBC] In a report on Tuesday, the Independent quoted a Bell Pottinger company spokesman as saying it wrote a speech the president gave to the UN in 2010. [Full Story]

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US Foreign Policy and Sri Lanka

[Journal of Foreign Relations] After three decades of war, Sri Lanka is still a mess. President Mahinda Rajapaksa could not care less about national reconciliation. Here is a president who did not hesitate to assert his authority at the end of the war. Yet now, he is afraid to be a strong and thoughtful leader, […]

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Commonwealth leaders must stop Sri Lanka hosting key summit

[Amnesty International] The Commonwealth risks becoming ‘irrelevant’ if its leaders allow Sri Lanka to become its next host, Amnesty International said today ahead of the organization’s biennial summit. [Full Story]

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Social networkers to subpoena Sri Lankan president for alleged war crimes?

[Global Post] Social networkers and good old fashioned newspapers may have the unique opportunity to serve Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa a summons to answer for his alleged role in extrajudicial killings during the civil war between government forces and Tamil insurgents. [Full Story]

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Sri Lanka Far From True Peace After Civil War: Think Tank

[Huffington Post] Sri Lanka’s postwar policies are a hindrance to reconciliation between the country’s embittered ethnic communities, two years after the end of a civil war, an international think tank has said. [Full Story]

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Will New Evidence of War Crimes Tip the Scales Against the Sri Lankan Government

[Time] On June 14, the British television network Channel 4 broadcast a stunning hour-long documentary presenting footage of horrific abuses allegedly committed by Sri Lankan troops during the last months of the country’s war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The images are graphic and profoundly disturbing. They include the execution of naked, bound prisoners; […]

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Cult of personality grows around Sri Lanka’s leader

[Globe and Mail] As the President’s motorcade passed slowly through Colombo Monday, 20-year-old university student Chaturi Waidyasekera pressed her head to the ground, then rose and chanted, “Praise our king” Dozens of others did the same, beneath billboards that pictured Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the white robes of a Buddhist deity. Ms. Waidyasekera […]

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Sri Lanka rebels ‘call ceasefire’

[BBC] Tamil rebels trapped in a tiny enclave of northern Sri Lanka have declared a ceasefire, a rebel spokesman says. The Tamil Tigers (LTTE) had given up their fight against a major government offensive and “decided to silence our guns”, he said on a pro-Tamil website. “This battle has reached its bitter end,” said Selvarasa […]

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Sri Lanka: Free Journalists Held Illegally

[HRW] President Mahinda Rajapakse should order prosecutors to drop all charges against journalists held on politically motivated charges, Human Rights Watch said in a letter to the president today. J.S. Tissainayagam, a journalist, and N. Jashiharan, a publisher, and his wife, V. Valamathy, have been in detention since March 2008. The letter identified serious violations […]

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Sri Lankan media under fire, entangled in politics

[Reuters] Sri Lanka’s media is paying a heavy price after getting entangled in a political struggle between President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s ruling coalition and an opposition with few means to challenge his leadership. Events in Sri Lanka have grabbed more world headlines than usual so far this year. First, for a string of military victories over […]

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