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Sri Lanka: The Need for Reconciliation after Atrocities

Sri Lanka’s bloody civil war ended in May 2009 when the Sri Lankan military defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). For more than 25 years, the LTTE had been fighting for a separate state for the nation’s minority Tamil population.

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Sri Lanka rejects need for U.N. war crime resolution

[Reuters] Sri Lanka Monday rejected U.N. involvement in probing allegations of army atrocities in the long war against Tamil rebels that ended in 2009, saying U.N. calls to prosecute soldiers guilty of misconduct were “unwarranted incursions.” [Full Story]

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Sri Lanka protest over UN war abuses resolution

[BBC] Protests are being held across Sri Lanka against plans by Western nations to sponsor a UN motion calling for a probe into abuses during the civil war. [Full Story]

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Our duty to Sri Lanka, and human rights

[Guardian UK] This week the UN Human Rights Council has an opportunity and a duty to help Sri Lanka advance its own efforts on accountability and reconciliation. Both are essential if a lasting peace is to be achieved. In doing so, the council will not only be serving Sri Lanka, but those worldwide who believe there are universal […]

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NGOs Call on U.S. to Establish International Accountability Mechanism on Sri Lanka at UN Human Rights Council

[Amnesty International USA] We are pleased to hear that the United States has decided to press for action at the March session of the Human Rights Council on accountability for wartime abuses in Sri Lanka.  This issue has long been a high priority for us due to the massive scale of abuses committed in the […]

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Sri Lanka: Army Inquiry a Delaying Tactic

[Human Rights Watch] The Sri Lankan army’s announcement that it had appointed a five-member court of inquiry to investigate allegations that its forces committed serious violations of the laws of war appears to be another government delaying tactic in the face of mounting international pressure, Human Rights Watch said today. [Full Story]

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Sri Lanka: US urges implementation of war probe findings

[BBC] The US will support efforts to get Sri Lanka to implement a government commission’s conclusions in relation to the civil war, officials say. [Full Story]

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‘US to pressure Sri Lanka on reconciliation process’

[Radio Netherlands Worldwide] The United States is set to table a resolution against Sri Lanka at the next sitting of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) in Geneva later this month. The Americans have voiced their concerns over human rights violations in Sri Lanka before, but so far had not taken the step of bringing it […]

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Letter on Sri Lanka to Permanent Representatives of Human Rights Council Member and Observer States

[Human Rights Watch] Your Excellency, We write to urge your delegation to work with other member and observer states of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) to bring the issue of accountability for wartime abuses in Sri Lanka onto the agenda of the Council during its March 2012 session. Almost three years after the […]

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Kevin Rudd must up the ante on Sri Lanka

[Human Rights Watch] As nations such as Canada and Britain weigh in on accountability for war crimes in Sri Lanka, it’s time for Australia to add its voice. After all, promoting human rights is a crucial part of foreign policy, as Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd is keen to say. [Full Story]

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