Doctor claims government shelling has killed up to 1,000 civilians in Sri Lanka

[ Times Online ] Two days of heavy shelling of a supposed safe haven inside Sri Lanka’s war zone has killed at least 430 civilians — and possibly as many as 1,000 — a government doctor in the area said today. The United Nations described the bombardment as a bloodbath, saying that it had killed […]

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How I was barred from reporting Tamil Tiger conflict

[Times Online] The Sri Lankan immigration officer’s eyes narrowed as soon as she swiped my passport at Colombo’s international airport last week. “Come this way,” she said, leading me into a side room, where a colleague typed my details into a computer. A message flashed up on his screen: “DO NOT ALLOW TO ENTER THE […]

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Barbed wire villages raise fears of refugee concentration camps

[Times Online] Sri Lanka was accused yesterday of planning concentration camps to hold 200,000 ethnic Tamil refugees from its northeastern conflict zone for up to three years — and seeking funding for the project from Britain. The Sri Lankan Government says that it will open five “welfare villages” to house Tamils fleeing the 67 sq […]

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Action in Sri Lanka: Humanitarian aid must be delivered to the Tamil people

[Times Online] Sir, I agree that there should be an immediate, unconditional ceasefire by both sides in Sri Lanka (Bronwen Maddox, World Briefing, Feb 12). However, I also believe that the time has come for the UN Secretary- General, Ban Ki Moon, to demand that a United Nations peacekeeping mission be allowed access to the […]

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