Sri Lanka rejects need for U.N. war crime resolution

[Reuters] Sri Lanka Monday rejected U.N. involvement in probing allegations of army atrocities in the long war against Tamil rebels that ended in 2009, saying U.N. calls to prosecute soldiers guilty of misconduct were “unwarranted incursions.” [Full Story]

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Australia pressured to investigate Sri Lanka envoy for warcrimes

[Reuters] The International Commission of Jurists’ (ICJ) Australian section has handed police direct and credible evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Sri Lanka Navy during the last stages of the bloody civil war against Tamil rebels in 2009, The Age newspaper said, citing unidentified sources. [Full Story]

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British minister in fresh call for Sri Lanka probe

[AFP] A British minister visiting Sri Lanka has repeated demands that the government must investigate war crimes alleged to have been committed during the island’s separatist conflict with Tamil rebels. [Full Story]

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Tamil journalist bound, shot, during Sri Lankan civil war

[CPJ] The U.K.’s Channel 4 has screened amateur footage of the body of Tamil news presenter Shoba, indicating that she was shot and killed during the government’s final military surge in the northeast. Shoba, who went by one name, also reported under the name Isaipriya or Isaippiriya for the media division of the secessionist Liberation […]

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Sri Lankan hospital closes after being shelled

[CNN] A hospital caught in the middle of fierce fighting between government forces and Tamil rebels in northern Sri Lanka has been closed down after being shelled for a ninth time in four days. A U.N. official says the facility, the last functioning hospital in the area, was fully evacuated Wednesday morning in the midst […]

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Canada ‘deeply concerned’ by Sri Lanka unrest

[ AFP ] The government is “deeply concerned” by the ongoing unrest in northeast Sri Lanka, where Sri Lanka troops and Tamil rebels are locked in a fierce conflict, Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon said. “Recent developments underline the urgent need for progress toward a meaningful and durable political solution,” said Cannon. After months of intense […]

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Displaced Priests, Nuns In Battle Zone Appeal To United Nations To Stop The Fighting

[UCAN] Catholic clergy and Religious, fearing a “great human tragedy” in northern Sri Lanka, have asked U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to call on their government to stop the war and put an end to the suffering of civilians. In a letter titled “SOS – Agonizing Cry of the People of Vanni,” Father James Pathinathar […]

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Row over Sri Lanka editor’s murder grows as diplomat censured

[AFP] Sri Lanka’s government censured a senior international diplomat after he spoke at the funeral of a newspaper editor whose murder has been blamed on the island’s rulers, officials said Wednesday. German ambassador Jurgen Weerth was ordered to the Colombo foreign office and told of Sri Lanka’s anger over his graveside eulogy for Lasantha Wickrematunga, […]

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Sri Lanka troops take strategic pass from Tiger rebels: army

[AFP] Sri Lankan troops battling Tamil rebels on Monday captured a part of the highly strategic Elephant Pass, a causeway linking the northern Jaffna peninsula to the mainland, the military said. Military spokesman Udaya Nanayakkara said the southern part of the causeway fell to government troops advancing northwards from Kilinochchi, the political headquarters of the […]

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