UN role for Sri Lanka ex-army General Shavendra Silva

[BBC] One of Sri Lanka’s most controversial diplomats, an ex-army commander, has got a senior post advising the UN secretary general, the government says. [Full Story]

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Sri Lanka: Protest in Jaffna over “disappearances”

[World Socialist] Amid police and military threats, about 200 mothers, wives and other relatives of disappeared persons held a protest on December 10 in Jaffna, northern Sri Lanka, to demand information about their loved ones. [Full Story]

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Sri Lanka: Report Fails to Advance Accountability

[Human Rights Watch] The report of the Sri Lankan government’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) disregards the worst abuses by government forces, rehashes longstanding recommendations, and fails to advance accountability for victims of Sri Lanka’s civil armed conflict, Human Rights Watch said today. The serious shortcomings of the 388-page report, which was posted on […]

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Sri Lanka army to run cricket stadiums

[BBC] The armed forces in Sri Lanka are to take over maintenance of the country’s most prestigious cricket stadiums. [Full Story]

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Civil war leaves Sri Lankan woman vulnerable

[Al Jazeera] Sri Lanka’s long-running conflict was brutal for its women. More than 80,000 are said to have been widowed in war-affected areas of the island nation. [Full Story]

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Tamil anger at army’s influence in Sri Lanka

[Al Jazeera] Two years after the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war, many minority Tamils in the north say the military retains too strong a hold over their daily lives. [Full Story]

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Many Sri Lankan Tamils giving up on country

[AP] The assailants broke in after the fighting between ethnic rebels and the military erupted again into full-scale war, storming through his family’s home and calling his name. Thanabalasingham Surendran, a member of Sri Lanka’s Tamil ethnic minority, fled to the capital, Colombo. But unknown “messengers from military intelligence” kept calling and demanding extortion money. […]

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Civilians ‘killed’ in Sri Lanka

[BBC] Medical staff in Sri Lanka say at least 18 civilians have been killed as the military continues its offensive on the northern bases of Tamil Tiger rebels. Hospital officials said the number killed in fighting around Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu could be much higher. The military said Mullaitivu – the last major rebel stronghold – […]

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Refugee stream from Sri Lanka’s war zone picks up

[Reuters] Increasing numbers of refugees are fleeing Sri Lanka’s war zone, which is rapidly shrinking as the military bears down on the Tamil Tiger rebels’ last remaining territory, the military and the Red Cross said on Friday. “Families heading westward in search of safety are encountering other families moving eastward with the same aim,” ICRC’s […]

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Sri Lanka: Views from the conflict

[BBC] The Sri Lankan military has secured a string of military successes over the LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] in recent months. As the army announces it has seized full control of the Jaffna peninsula in the north, people across the country give their views and experiences of the latest phase in the conflict. […]

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