Sri Lankan civil war: Use of the image for corrupt ends

[Independent UK] The photograph once served as a relatively removed document of warfare, now the image has become a powerful weapon within it. The distance between the photographer and the activities of war has moved closer proportionate to the increasing accessibility of the camera. Replacing a limited number of commissioned photographers are the proliferating numbers […]

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Channel 4’s Sri Lanka documentary cleared by Ofcom

[Guardian UK] Channel 4’s controversial documentary Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, which featured graphic footage of alleged war crimes, has been cleared of breaching the broadcasting code. [Full Story]

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Is This Ban’s ‘Never Again’ Moment?

[Huffington Post] We failed to prevent a massacre in Sri Lanka. We must not fail to seek justice for it. ‘Never again’ is the promise that has followed the Holocaust, Cambodia, Rwanda and Srebrenica; issued each time with outrage and contrition, and, in recent years, a report on the failure of the international community to […]

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What South Africa can do to help with reconciliation in Sri Lanka

[International Crisis Group] As South Africa knows better than most, a country cannot begin to overcome decades of internal conflict without a sustained effort at revealing the truth of the past and a committed push for reconciliation. If only Sri Lanka could learn that lesson. [Full Story]

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Sri Lanka’s white vans deliver fear and oppression

[Radio Netherlands Worldwide] First a damning UN report accused both sides in the country’s 30-year civil war of atrocities – a claim the current government refutes categorically. Then in June British TV station Channel 4 broadcast a devastating account of the closing weeks of the conflict in 2009. At this time, the programme said, the Sri […]

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India asks Sri Lanka to probe war crimes claims

[AFP] India on Friday urged Sri Lanka to examine claims made in a British documentary that said it targeted civilians while crushing Tamil Tiger rebels two years ago. The Channel 4 documentary, “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” aired last month on British television contained footage of what it said were prisoner executions. [Full Story]

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Have Sri Lanka’s Tamils been forgotten?

[Al Jazeera] The civil war in Sri Lanka was one of the world’s most brutal conflicts and lasted nearly 30 years. Both the Sinhalese-majority government forces and the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) were accused of using dirty tactics. When the war ended in 2009 with the defeat of the LTTE, the Sri […]

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S. Lanka ‘holds Briton’ over war crimes video

[AFP] Sri Lanka has arrested a Briton for allegedly helping a British TV channel produce a documentary accusing Sri Lankan troops of war crimes, a media report said on Saturday. [Full Story]

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Why should we care about the suffering of Tamils?

[Independent UK] On Tuesday 14 June, a shocking, heart-wrenching documentary was shown on Channel 4.  ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’, broadcast just after 11pm, displayed what presenter Jon Snow described as “devastating evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and a powerful case for bring those guilty of these crimes to justice.” [Full Story]

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Sri Lanka ‘war crimes’ video false: military

[AFP] Sri Lanka’s military said Wednesday it had original footage that exposed the “malicious intentions” behind a British documentary on alleged war crimes committed by government troops. [Full Story]

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